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شیک ترین استخر های جهان

در مورخه : دوشنبه، 10 آبان ماه، 1389 موضوع : عکس های جالب

استخر  مدرن شیک


دانلود تصاویر استودیو معروف Nicoletti Associati

در مورخه : يكشنبه، 6 شهريور ماه، 1390 موضوع : معماری

تصاویر استودیو معروف Nicoletti Associati در مالزی

دانلود تصاویر استودیو معروف Nicoletti Associati

    In the area of Petaling Jaya, west of Kuala Lumpur, a great urban development is under way for the establishment of a new urban centre. As a landmark for this area, the Developer wanted to host his on-site offices and sale’s showroom in an iconic pavilion that would reflect the spirit and the architectural style of the whole development.

    Water droplets in nature was the inspiration for ‘The Pod’ pavilion structure creating a dynamic spherical form resulting in a primitive building archetype with a modern twist. The round and soft shape of The Pod is formed as a series of elliptical sections of variable widths and heights. Slithers of windows brings natural daylight into the spaces below.

    Internally the pavilion is divided into two parts: one zone is dedicated to the office area and the other contains the main showroom. The building appears to be sliced diagonally into a series of ribbons which wrap up and over the building creating a dynamic space within, forming a layered protective shell.

    The structure is fabricated from tubular steel members with the exterior skin made of spectrally reflective aluminium panels. The exterior skin colour shades change’s depending on the reflection of the sun, dynamically


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Architectural Record
January  2015

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American Photo

January-February 2015
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photoshop user

   January  2015

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